Bumblebee & Zio Ziegler Mural Opening

If you’re in Venice, CA, be sure to stop by and marvel at the new mural at ATF by Bumblebee and Zio Ziegler. Bumblebee is an artist we’ve had our eye on for a while. He takes largely ignored parts of the city and uses it as his personal canvas to address serious subject matter (think diminishing bee population, child homelessness etc) in a whimsical way. This collaboration with Zio Zeigler creates a really unique aesthetic that is worth seeing in person since small web images don’t do it the justice it deserves.

Where to view the mural: ATF (All Things Fabulous) 1415 Abbot Kinney, Venice Ca 90291

Details about the mural:
The wall is about 25×15 ft and is located on the trendiest street in Venice Beach, Abbot Kinney, on the back of a women’s clothing store called ATF (All Things Fabulous)
The mural was completed in 3 days

To a colorful 2014!

Being the color lover that I am, it doesn’t get much better than when Pantone announces their
Color of the Year. It’s always a much-needed beacon of inspiration. This year, I am thrilled to see such a fun and bold color choice (since the last few years have been a little less playful) so, without further adieu, I give you, RADIANT ORCHID!

It’s just the right amount of pink with purple (to get technical, it’s PANTONE 18-3224). I can’t wait to start using it in work and seeing it spark creativity in the year to come. As Pantone puts it, this color is “an enchanting harmony of fuchsia, purple and pink undertones” that “inspires confidence and emanates great joy, love and health”. 

Bring. It. On.

This color compliments skin when used in fashion or beauty applications, bringing out a healthy glow and I love to pair a vibrant color like this with neutrals like grey and metallics.

Public Supply | Writing Materials with a Mission

With school budgets being slashed and standardized testing becoming a leading voice for allocated funds, Arts Education is having a tougher and tougher time getting support and resources. While many have rallied around the Arts, it’s nice to find new ways to help (and it’s even better when you have something beautiful to show for it.) Enter: Public Supply.

The Brooklyn-based company is on a mission to help back creative work in our country’s public schools by providing materials where they’re needed and inspire a creative community. They have created stunning limited-edition writing, art, and office essentials that not only look beautiful, but generate funds that go to a teacher in a high-need classroom. These teachers are then equipped to support their students for a project that drives creativity. They also do a lot of community outreach to keep the dialogue going about why Arts Education is so important.

When you make a purchase from Public Supply, each item is custom-stamped so that you can track the classroom and project that you helped fund. They also post correspondence from teachers so you can feel a real connection how your purchase has helped.

To learn more, visit their website: http://public-supply.com/ or follow them on Twitter: @publicsupply 


It always amuses me when people brilliantly (and lucratively) create something that is such a perfect amalgam of two great things. From Cole Haan + Nike Air (most comfortable shoes ever) to Pantone entering the Interior Décor space, these instances of amazingness often yield a sum greater than their 2 parts. Enter Food Typography. The brain child of Ohio-based designer and letterer, Danielle Evans, Food Typography brilliantly pushes an unexpected medium to create beautiful handmade letterforms. From identities for businesses to social media campaigns for Target, it is amazing what a talented person can create by something as seemingly mundane as “playing with their food.” I can’t wait to see what beauty is created next (and how hungry it makes me.)


DIA = Art at its best

Detroit is a city I have long been infatuated with. Often, my gushing about Motown is met with “Why?”, which can seem justified when you consider their recent financial woes. But despite the bankruptcy, abandoned houses and downright depressed areas, it is the one place that my mind wanders to when I fantasize about where I’d love to be—if I was the kind of person that could just pick up their life and relocate somewhere. If you’ve never been to Detroit, you should go. The thing that instantly strikes me about Detroit is the brilliant spirit of the people that breathe life into the City. It’s unlike anywhere I’ve ever encountered, and a huge shift from the everyday “already seen it, moving on, what’s next” psychology that you find in New York. I met so many vibrant personalities there that were each doing something uniquely amazing and for nothing other than to do it. There was a genuine sense of supporting people and encouraging people to create.

Amidst some of the best BBQ I’ve ever tasted and some of the most mind-blowing feats of mankind all in one place, there exists the best museum that I’ve ever been to—The Detroit Institute of Arts (DIA). I realize this may seem sacrilegious when NYC is home to some of the arguably “best” museums, but hear me out.

The Detroit Institute of Arts is home to an impressive collection of art—from jaw-dropping Diego Rivera to iconic Van Gogh—but it’s the curating that really stood out. The staff at DIA dedicates an impressive amount of thought and attention to how visitors experience the collection, a standout quality that I’ve never noticed at any museum before. At every turn, there was meticulous consideration given to education and user experience—an effort that was noted regardless of the level of artistic appreciation. I was so blown away by the care given to making the pieces accessible and able to be understood in context. Beyond that, the museum is big on the culture of their community, hosting outdoor lawn parties with food trucks and/or musical performances. All around, one of the most thoughtful and active organizations I’ve seen in a while.

If you’re able to visit the Motor City, be sure to check out this gem of passion and zeal. The Arts in general should be cultivated and nurtured and the DIA is an exceptionally amazing institution that could use your support. Stepping off my soap box now…